Peoples of the Buddhist World Book and Cd-rom

Peoples of the Buddhist World Cd-rom

The Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM contains hundreds of beautiful, full-color photos, and complete profiles of 238 Buddhist people groups, twelve articles on ministry to Buddhists, and hypertext cross-reference indexes of names, languages and countries. This resource, produced by Global Mapping International, is enhanced with 38 brand-new maps of the Buddhist world, hyperlinked to the corresponding people profiles in a user-friendly PDF format. Text, graphs, maps and photos may be copied and pasted for customized, non-profit presentations.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac. Able to be installed to your hard drive. Each CD-ROM is packaged in an attractive, durable DVD-style case showcasing the beautiful cover art.

Peoples of the Buddhist World Book and Cd-rom

Equipping the Saints

In the past 20 years, Christians around the world have launched initiatives to reach Muslims, Communists, Hindus and other major unreached people groups, but the Buddhist world has largely been overlooked. Hundreds of millions of Buddhists continue to live and die without any exposure to the Gospel. In Peoples of the Buddhist World, researcher and author Paul Hattaway graphically presents prayer profiles of more than 200 Buddhist people groups around the world, beautifully illustrated with color pictures throughout. In addition, experts have contributed articles on various aspects of Buddhism, helping the reader to learn, pray, and work until that day when "the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever" (Rev. 11:15)